Why Do Hackers Do DDOS Attacks?

- 4 February 2020

Who are DDOS Users?

Like every other area, in computer science there are different kinds of people. Some of them are creators who make things from scratch or make something better than it already is. We call these people developers. But if there is something precious, some people might want to own it without any drop of sweat. Sometimes they might even work more than developers to take advantage from something created by developers and eventually we call these people hackers.

How They Do DDOS?

These people who have a desire to take advantage something created by others attack websites, try to get passwords or they steal some codes. Attacking a website is not very easy. But also, not so hard for who has a bit of computer knowledge. All you need to do is to get some people to visit other people’s websites.

Why They Spend Energy to Do It?

They do it because they can. But also, they cannot do anything better than this. For example, if you could make thousands of dollars in a few days by doing your job (Developing nice websites or creating something beautiful.) would you spend your time to do anything else? Of course not. These people don’t have much to do and don’t have any ideas to spend time on. That’s why they can spend lots of time to take your website down.

Things to Do to Protect Yourself From DDOS

I suggest every website owner to use Cloudflare. It has a free to use plan that can provide you anti DDOS services like banning attackers from their IP address, country or user agent. People who use AWS or GAE can also use Amazon’s DDOS protection service or Google’s new Cloud Armor service. But these services can cost a bit. I also really suggest going to a professional if you are not sure what you are doing. Otherwise you can ban your users by mistake.

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